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Around Us is featured is supported by Dj Sasha in his fabric beatport chart with Absentis (Magnitude Recordings)


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Around Us 

We are happy to tell you that we have the support from our hero dj Sasha on our tracks Absentis that we released on Magnitude Recordings!

He supports us big time in his dj sets and on his FABRIC beatport chart.

Also we have good news that we will have some upcoming releases on Ghost Digital, LUPS, Manual Music and cinematique recordings. 

The releases will be released next year 2020.

Thank you for the support from all over the world!

Jan & Gaby

Around Us

Releases on:

Magnitude Recordings,
Kitchen Recordings,
Tarnished tracks,
CLICK Records,
Manual Music,
LUPS Records,

Ghost Digital,




Around Us  is a newly formed electronic dj / producer duo from Amsterdam consisting of industry veterans Jan Boom (from Analog Effect) and G.A.B.Y.


In the end of 2018 they've celebrated their debut release on Balkan Connection's, BC2 label. This is the start of a very fruitful collaboration.

With the support of Hernan Cattaneo that used the track Sleeping Blue in his resident podcast they are solidifying there name in the electronic scene.


With coming releases on Click Records, Manual Music, Cinematique Records, Bullfinch, Tarnished Tracks and Magnitude Recordings, the year 2019 is shaping up to be a great year for them.


Besides there music productions the event, INSIGHT, is well received in the amsterdam electronic dance scene and is always a musically journey between deep and atmospheric electronic music.


Around Us,


Jan & Gaby


Around us

DJ / Producing Duo


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